I can’t believe I am doing this….

I am 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and am pretty excited about that…but I want to first let you know that this is ONLY possible b/c I work my ass off. No, contrary to what my dad would probably tell you, I don’t sit on my ass all day at home watching TV. No, my day starts with a long walk/jog.

I also breastfeed which burns up to 500 calories a day…I should tell you.

When I first was able to work out again after my 6-week post C-Section thumbs up from my doctor, I would walk the 3mile loop around my community. It’s pretty steep uphill in one direction and, at first, I could only do half of it. My incision would get gnarly swollen and my feet hurt and I thought my uterus was going to fall out.


I liked how it felt. I liked that if I went 1.5 miles in one direction I HAD to go the same in the other….

I used an app on my iPhone called MapMyWalk to tell me how far I had gone, track my route, calories burned and, most importantly, tell me how fast I was going. A pleasant female voice actually comes on and tells you when you hit the 1,2,3 and on mile mark and your pace. I feel as though every day I am pushed to beat yesterdays time…even if by a second.

The first few weeks I did the loop I was at a 17 minute per mile walk. Mind you, I was recovering still and hadn’t done much working out in the last, oh, EIGHT months of my pregnancy….so it was hard.


Now, I am down to about 13 minute miles WALKING…

and, just this week, at 12 weeks postpartum I felt good enough to start jogging….

I now use the MapMyWalk app in conjunction with the Hal Higdon 5K Training app.

Let me tell you that I HATE jogging….

but, I can see the results that my daily commitment has given me in such a short time after having a baby. I mean, come on….at one point I looked like THIS.

so, having lost 35+ of the weight I put on with Reeve hasn’t been the hardest thing I have ever done…it’s just been something I have to make sure I focus on every day.


here goes…

no judgments here on this blog, okay.

12 weeks postpartum and here is what you get.


the worst part about the above picture to me is the size of my belly button now and the hole where my piercing was…GROSS!

but not too bad, huh?

And here is the side view.


So, what’s the next step?

300/30 days….

that’s 300 crunches in different variations (not just your boring basic crunches) every day for 30 days….

so, if you care, and you want to try to do what I am doing….

1. MapMyWalk for 6 weeks

2. Hal Higdon 5K Training for 6 weeks

3. GOAL….Run a 5K in mid-August…and I do mean RUN THE WHOLE THING

4. 300/30

5. GOAL #2…rock a bikini and a 6-pack in Maui in October.

So, there you go….

oh, and here are two cheat tips that I have found work really well.

*don’t eat bread during the week. Eat it on the weekends if you want, just not M-F. It’s pretty easy.

*buy a bunch of really cute workout clothes and you will get excited to put them on.


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