not sure who the Rockies even played this game. Or any game we have been to this season for that matter. I spend most of the game worrying about his body temperature, him trying to push his way off of me via my stomach and poopy diapers.

In this picture, I am only smiling b/c the game hasn’t even started yet and 3 hours of 90+ degree heat hasn’t gotten to me yet.


same here.


but let me tell you, as you can see from the picture below….3 hours of holding a baby on your legs like this gets tiring….and it was HOT….

as cute as he is in his little baseball hat, it might be our last game until it either cools off or he can sit in a seat of his own. I know Kirk loves going and I won’t take that from him, but I don’t even know if we are winning or losing let alone if we are batting or in the outfield….

So, for now….Rockies baseball season is over (for us) and Daddy’s games are the only baseball we are going to watch for the rest of the year.


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