It starts with one Rockies baseball game every 2 weeks courtesy of the 15-pack we bought with Erin & Adam this year.

It ends with Daddy’s Sunday baseball game….

but all week long, it’s baseball on the TV and radio.

Just this weekend on a hike, Kirk was unusually quiet as he and Reeve were a good 10 feet behind Hannah and I. I said, “Whatcha thinking about?”

Much like a little boy might reply “candy” or “fishing” Kirk actually said, “Baseball.”

I smiled.

It’s his passion and I love that about him. That he is passionate. Though I don’t share the same (or any) love for the sport, I love that he loves it and it’s really, very, extremely, oh so important to me that Reeve grows up with sports in his life….so we go to, watch and attend as many baseball games with daddy as he can.

Kirk and I both have discussed how Life’s Lessons have found their resolve in our lives by means of the things our participation in sports taught us.

Competitiveness (me)

Patience (kirk)

Sportsmanship (both)

and on and on….

So, we found ourselves at yet another one of Kirk’s games this weekend.

Reeve was quite sleepy for most of the beginning of the game.



Then he began to wake up….still loving how he uses the SAME arm to twirl (scratch) his head in the SAME spot Kirk does.


Then, before I knew it, he got *that* look in his eye that is all too familiar with the Grimes boys in my family.


this face scares me a little. As sweet as it is, it has just a hint of “uh oh” in it.


And isn’t Reeve’s “uniform” adorable…

I love dressing him to match the occasion.


Hannah wasn’t quite sure what she thought of his Baby Legs…



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