Reeve, it’s absolutely no secret that your presence in our lives is welcome, celebrated and absolutely loved!

Each day, as I wake you up and tell you that I will fix anything it is that is making you cry, I think to myself how lucky I am. As I pick you up from your crib, your cries stop, you look into my eyes and start each morning with the biggest, gummiest smile possible. Kirk calls it your Popeye Smile ~ it’s crooked and yummy. I love knowing that you are excited to see me at the start of each day.

Some days, no…MOST days, we don’t do a whole lot. We talk to each other. I may tell you about all the different types of doggies or foods that I think you will like. We may not leave the bedroom or we may venture out to Target. We definitely go through 10-12 diapers a day and you eat about that often too, it seems….We listen to music and I sing you “Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” or “Three, Six, Nine, Goose drank wine,” or “See old Mr. Possum” or “Wheels on the Bus” and you always look up at me with your big, bright, twinkly blue eyes in awe.

You are still a very content baby and gets lots of compliments on how quiet, calm you are when we are out and about. You went to your second Rockies game and were amazing! You were alert and watched people the whole game without fussing then slept well at night. I don’t know if that will change as you grow and can move about and talk, but I like to think you inherited your personality from daddy and are just content to observe and come to your own conclusions about people and the world around you.

A couple of times you have giggled. Both have been in your sleep with my nipple dangling out of your lip. You are also learning to pout, your bottom lip is so pink and it’s all I can do when you stick it out not to suck on it. Those pouts though, man, they both delight me and break my heart at the same time. I want to fix whatever it is that makes you sad.

Your squeals, coos and attempt to find your own voice keep me entertained for hours at a time. Blowing on your forehead is sure to elicit a squeal and singing silly songs gets the highest-pitched squeals. I love it best when you surprise yourself with the sounds you make and you look around as if to say, “who was that?”

It is with tremendous hesitation that I talk (brag) about your sleeping. I am afraid once I put it in writing that I will jinx myself, but you average 7-8 hours a night. The only time you wake up is if you have a dirty diaper or have snuck one arm out of your Swaddle and are touching your own face….sometimes I go into your room and softly put my hand on your body to make sure you are still breathing. The first couple of nights you slept through, I was so exhausted the next day I could barely function. Then, I realized it’s b/c I haven’t gotten a solid 8 hours of sleep since LAST JUNE…I have spent the past year either pregnant and peeing or for the first month and a half of your life up nursing you ever 3-4 hours. I thank you for being a good little sleeper. You go down easily after your one bottle of formula a day. Your burps crack me up b/c they sound like a beer guzzling bar patron, but I can tell that they always make you feel so much better.

You are still a little bald on the top, but we can see that the replacement hair is making it’s way back in. From the back though, your hair is thick and silky and quite long near your neck. On the top, it’s more like a streak, not even enough to make a mohawk, but I can’t wait for the day I can style it for you.

It’s getting to be summer so you wear a lot of shorts or sleeveless items. I love watching the tiny muscles develop in your arms and legs. As often as you kick those legs, it’s no wonder they are skinny. Yet, your thighs are getting meatier every day. Your belly is nice and round and soft. I love to tickle it. You have the most perfect birthmark on your side. It’s a wonderful little place to kiss on.

You are quite an expert at pulling your binkie out of your mouth ~ putting it back in is something we need to work on. I still have a love/hate relationship with that thing, but it’s amazing to watch your brain make the connection with your hands as you learn how to work it. Sometimes, you prefer your finger to your binkie. Not your thumb, but your pointer finger. I can’t imagine what it tastes like, but you love to suck and gum on it. I am all for that and lather it up with lotion so that it at least has some taste to it.

Back to your smile. I think you will be quite the Ladies Man. You are beginning to flirt and have this coy smile where your chin meets your shoulder and your BRIGHT blue eyes just light up.

This month you learned to show me your tongue when I show you mine. It makes me laugh and it makes my heart so full. Daddy says I won’t think it’s so cute when you are a toddler and run around with your tongue out all of the time, but I don’t care….

Your napping during the day is something we are struggling with. Even the slightest noise wakes you during the day. You can only fall asleep to nap with a blankie by your face to snuggle….

I get told quite often that you look very “grown up” for a 2 month old and it wasn’t until recently that I understood that. Your eye contact, focus and looks make you look like an actual MAN in a baby body. We met a 3 month old today who was a blob. Literally, a BLOB. He couldn’t open his eyes, couldn’t look towards the person talking, had no distinct features. You look like, at any moment, you are going to join the conversation and tell us all how it is. You still look JUST like your daddy and twirl your hair as he does when he is bored.

Your eyebrows are filling in this month making a perfect frame around your extremely blue eyes.

Your eyelashes are long and curl up. How come only boys get the long lashes?

Your thighs are getting meaty and have little dimples in them.

Your bottom lip has found a pout that is both perfectly cute and perfectly capable of melting my heart.

You can wear very few 0-3 month items as the thigh holes ride up almost to your chest.

Daily I see your brain growing. I see you making connections. Holding your head up gets easier every day as we do Tummy Time in front of the mirror with our big blue ball. Milestones are being crossed off almost as much as Firsts this month.

Life with you in it is complete. You, Kirk, our family is complete. We are happy. We are learning. Each day is a joy and a lesson. Time is both standing still some days AND moving at the speed of light. You make me so happy, Reeve.

This is my favorite quote. Because there are no words for how I feel when I try to describe my love for you, I find this explains it best.

“The best way I can say is that when a baby is born, the ghosts of the world’s greatest poets stand and listen to the cry of life that just took it’s first breathe and even they can’t find the words.” (Signs of Life: A Memoir)

It’s so perfect, as though not even the great poets of the world have the words for how special, how beautiful, how joyous creating life is.

I love you, Reeve Denver. I love everything about you and look forward to months 3, 4, 5…….and on and on.

It’s amazing how much difference one month can make.




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