You are 8 weeks old and 24.5 inches….

that’s in the 98th percentile.

You, my son, are going to be TALL!

A skinny thing, you are still, at 11 pounds and 10 ounces (50th percentile).

You don’t love going to the doctor’s office. You have to get naked, lay on hard scales and cold tables, then get your ears and eyes prodded and bright lights shined in them, thermometers in your butt, your penis squeezed and tugged, you legs spread open like a frog.

No, I don’t blame you.

You always leave there SO tired….so hungry!

We have to go back this afternoon with your poopy a.m. diaper and a fresh one b/c your poop is stringy and then, if the doctor says it’s okay, you have to get vaccinations….no fun!

That shot is gonna hurt me more than you.




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