as you get older, we consciously find ways to get you alone more with Daddy so that when I need some “me” time he doesn’t freak out, but finds Kirk calming.

There are two times in the day that are Designated Daddy Time.

The first is at about am when he wakes up for the first time each day. Kirk gets you out of your crib and Swaddle, releasing your arms.

We swear they are spring-loaded the way they shoot up.

Then, again at night, as I am getting his room ready for bed (sound machine going, bottle, lights just right, humidifier full) Kirk plays with him and wears him out.



sometimes Hannah gets in on the action….

maybe a lick or two on his foot or head, she just loves to smell him



it knocks him out. This picture was taken as Kirk helped get Reeve down for a nap (not night-time) but it’s a good example of how our routine is starting to make the little guy tired.



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