Reeve is getting really good at grasping onto the toy rings on this playmat these days. He’s getting good at smiling, farting loud adult-sounding toots, squealing…

here is what I am doing…

DISCLAIMER: It’s not that exciting

READING: Since Reeve was born, I have been doing a lot of late night reading on my iPhone. It’s perfect to read while in the dark of his nursery…not too much light and easier to turn pages than a real book. I have read about 10 books by Diane Chamberlain. For some reason, I just want to read everything she has written. Usually, I am not like that. I bet I have spent $100 reading her books on my phone. They are great and not predictable. I JUST picked up the book “50 Shades of Gray” and am really excited to read it. It’s VERY dirty and pornographic and I thought it would be a great read after getting the OK from my OB/GYN to resume “normal sexual activity.” I didn’t want to read it before that unless it really got me going. πŸ™‚ The not-so-funny part is that my mom wants me to pass it on to her when I am finished. YIKES!!! I am not quite sure she understands that it is what it is.

LISTENING TO: Music isn’t so much a priority these days. Right now, I am content to listen to Reeve try to find his voice. It’s the most beautiful sound on Earth. Hearing his coos and squeals and even his cries amazes me. Someday, that little voice will be that of a man and will be so strong, so important….but, for now, it’s tiny and small and a constant reminder of how beautiful life is.

WATCHING: Reeve kick his legs and flail his arms about. Kicking usually means excited or pooping. I could watch his face all day (most days, that’s exactly what I do).

THINKING ABOUT: How much our life has changed in the year we have been married (celebrating our 1-year anniversary next month). Thinking about the joy this little man brings into my life. I often wonder what I did to deserve all that I have. I know better than to question it too much and try to just take time to give praise and thanks for it, but it’s overwhelming, nonetheless. I am thinking about my grandma, Hope, who I miss and who meant so much to me and how often, when I look at him, I know that it’s b/c of her that I have him. Thinking about how hard Kirk works for our family to have all that we have and so that I am stay home with this boy. Thinking about what we are gonna eat for dinner. πŸ™‚

ANTICIPATING: This weekend. All weekends are so special to me now. For the 18 months I worked my last job and worked weekends, I was somewhat depressed knowing that I was working while the rest of the world was relaxing, doing yardwork, eating together, cleaning house, etc. Now, that I am not working and have my weekends back, I look forward to every Saturday and Sunday as if they are a holiday. Whether we start our day with a long walk, we sleep in, or are awakened by Reeve’s screams, they are so precious to me.

DISLIKING: That my 7 week old has outgrown all of his Newborn clothing and quite a bit of his 0-3 month clothing. I began packing away some of these clothes and was saddened that my little baby is growing so quickly. I look forward to him hugging me, talking, crawling, etc, but I dislike how my days shifted from going so slow (working) to sooo fast.

EATING: poorly. 😦 I want to get my body back in pre-baby shape before October when we go to Maui, but it isn’t gonna happen if I keep eating Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Chic-Fil-A. I do eat pretty good…lots of salads and veggies in my meals, but nursing takes up so much of my day and it seems each time I feed him I then find myself STARVING….and it’s not like I crave Kale chips or celery…no, I want Oreos and Coke.

WORKING ON: Reeve’s newborn pictures and putting them together to print a large coffee table album. I would love to have a special album setting out on our coffee table. It’s going to be a lot harder than it used to be as I am interrupted so often to meet his needs, but IT WILL BE DONE!

WEARING: Sadly, a lot of elastic and gym clothes still. The elastic is b/c my incision is still somewhat swollen and tender and the workout clothes are b/c I wake up each day with the intention to work out. Some days, I do…I make it on a walk or to a class, but some days, it’s just easier to wear workout clothes if I know I am going to just lounge at home all day. My days are, quite honestly, spent in our bedroom staying out of Kirk’s way. I don’t see the point in dirty-ing an outfit if I am not leaving the house.

WISHING: that everyone could feel the love and joy that I do. That I could slow time down a little. That I lived closer to my Kansas family. That our mortgage was paid off. πŸ™‚ That I were pre-baby weight minus 7 pounds. That I could just have a 90-minute massage. That I could get my bikini area lasered so I didn’t have to get a bikini wax. That I had a maid/housekeeper. That they weren’t building a house behind ours thus blocking our gorgeous mountain views.

That’s it…Happy Friday. Happy Mother’s Day weekend!

Here’s a picture of Reeve and Hannah on this cold day. Pajamas with feet are the way to go when it’s 40 degrees out.




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