Why do I have the feeling baseball is going to be a HUGE part of my life for the next 18 plus years?

This weekend we went to a Rockies game AND daddy had his game.

This is you with Mommy’s friend, Erin, at the Rockies game.


Can I say that again?


You didn’t cry once, we easily changed your wet diaper with no crying in the bathroom, you ate at your seat and stayed awake for about 2 hours just people watching and getting LOTS of compliments from women around us.


This was your second Rockies game. Your first was at 3 weeks and now you are 6 weeks….

I have a feeling it will only get easier and easier to take you to the game. Especially since you now are comfy in your Baby Bjorn carrier.



Yes, you have your daddy’s ears…we already knew that, but it cracks me up.


and I had to take this picture. There is something sexy about a daddy with a diaper bag.


we also went to daddy’s baseball game on Sunday. It was pretty cold and sprinkled so we didn’t stay for the whole thing, but you wore your first baseball hat and a cute sweater hoody, jeans and Converse.

Daddy looked at your outfit and smiled. Then he said, “hmmm, I would wear that.”

Duh, Kirk, I dress him LIKE you


I am not a huge baseball fan, but have come to accept that Kirk loves it and so I hope you do too, Reeve.
In the meantime, i will go to any game as long as I get to spend my time looking at this perfect little face and BIG blue eyes



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