as Kirk and I lay in bed this morning talking about what our days held for us, I realized that my job is way harder than his.

Sure, he makes Excel spreadsheets that I cannot even begin to understand and he manages millions of dollars of companies’ money and he makes IMPORTANT decisions and he sits on Board meetings…sure, his day is tough….

but I am raising a person here, People…and this shit is hard.

Kirk starts his day off with a fruit smoothie that he enjoys as he sits as the table and read not one, but TWO, newspapers….and he gets a whole hour and a half each day to go to the gym. And he sleeps about 9-11 hours each night. And he can pee without having to hurry. He showers slowly without one eye on The Boy. And his clothes match b/c he has time to carefully select what he wears…and what HE wears is not stretchy like everything I wear.

I am slightly bitter about each of those things.

I cry sometimes. Not b/c I am sad or depressed, but b/c I rarely get much time to do everything I need to do. I get laundry done but folding and putting away takes 2-3 days. By the time I get the bathroom floors clean the toilets are disgusting again. I wash my hair about every 4 days. Sure, I get a bath in each day, but only b/c I put Reeve in his Shakey-Chair-Thing right beside me so that if he starts crying I can reach right over to pop his binkie back in….washing my hair would require another hour or so to blowdry, straighten, etc. I get to the grocery store, but the carts don’t hold his carseat AND all of the groceries on my list.

Complaining really isn’t becoming and so I try to remember how lucky I am that I get to stay at home and do this new job, but boy….THIS SHIT IS HARD!

And…whoever it was that said, “You just sleep when they sleep” is full of shit. I can’t sleep in 45 minute increments and, even if I did, when would I be able to bathe, do laundry, use the bathroom, or put makeup on? What a joke…..

Reeve, however, has no problems with life…it’s all good in his little world, and that my friends….is really all that matters.



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