it feels as though in the course of 1 week you are a completely different baby.

We flew home to Kansas to see our family and you lost your hair, developed acne and are basically a pubescent teenager.

As I type this, you and I are sitting in bed watching The Today Show. You fell asleep while nursing and starting hysterically laughing in your sleep. I guess I now need to carry around a video camera. 🙂

You smile now. Mostly at me, but if someone were to blow on what little hair is left on the top of your head or tickle your chin, you might smile for them as well.

Your face is filling out. Those cheeks are getting rounder and you are starting to have a neck.


You are still sleeping 5 hours for the first stretch of the night, then 2 hours, then 1 hour….we really need to work on 2-five hour stretches.

You wear mostly blue, Superman shirts or stripes. I can’t help it….they are my favorite.


You have completely outgrown your bassinet and just this morning we brought in your playmat and a bouncy chair for you instead….


On the first flight of our trip to Kansas you slept the whole way….from before takeoff to through the landing. On the way home, you woke up once to poop and nurse, then fell right back asleep. (you are still an amazing pooper…letting us know with giant loud farts and grunts and bright red face). The lady on the plane next to us said you were the most alert 5-week old she had ever seen. The lady behind us said, “I would totally have a baby if it were JUST like yours.”

Your ears are still big.

Your smile is gummy and goofy.

You still have Alfalfa spikes of hair on the back of your head.

Your hands and feet are ginormous.

You have outgrown your Swadller Sleep Sack thingies.

You are more and more perfect everyday.

Loving you is still the best thing I have ever done. You are a joy.




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