*the way your whole body (legs, arms, stomach, neck) writhe when you have to poop. Your face turns bright red and you grunt and groan and sometimes even start to hiccup you are pushing so hard and out comes the loudest of farts. Then, you smile…and then you fall asleep

*baby acne….ugh…cheeks, chin. I hate it.

*sleep. You are starting to sleep longer and longer each night with your record being 6 hours straight

*the way you give me that goofy, gummy smile when I play with your arms and sing silly songs to you

*your hair just cracks me up. It’s perfectly shaped, slightly long over your ears and in the back and going a little bald on top

*how you totally show off for guests or visitors. Letting them hold you without crying while WIDE awake. How you lie in your carseat so alert and attentive to their oohs and aaahs. You don’t really do that for us.


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