I realized as I was cleaning up Reeve’s nursery this morning (how it gets so messy I just don’t know) that I never posted the pictures of his nursery. Since I spend a LOT of time in there, I wanted to make sure it was a space that was not only special for him, but that felt relaxing and comfortable to me.

My neighbor who is pregnant has a baby blue nursery with soft bedding and colors, animals and is very boyish. She said she wanted a room that looked like a little boy’s…I was going for the opposite.

I wanted something stylish and a color that was soothing.

I think I achieved what I was attempting with a color palette of peacock blue, turquoise and mustard.

Perhaps my favorite thing in the room is the picture hanging above his crib. This tree was in Costa Rica on our honeymoon. While “purposely getting lost” on an afternoon adventure, we drove down a very deserted road. We even had to fjord (I love that word) a river in our rental car. We drove past a long-haired, deeply tanned man who was at least 70, with long white flowing hair riding his bike up a hill we could barely drive up. We came upon this tree and it took my breath away. It stretched from one side of the road to the other. We jokingly called in the “Tree of Life.” Little did we know…it was on this trip that we created Reeve. It brings a smile to my face each time I look at it.


This shelf houses some very special items that pay homage to Kirk. The Neil Young poster is an obvious salute to Kirk’s love for the man (I just loved the colors). The stuffed sheepdog is for Hannah Dog…it’s from my mom and I love how the stuffed animal has the dark fur around it’s mouth just like Hannah does. The books are my favorites…Dr. Suess, a baseball book, Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Colorado….

and the framed Keith Haring print entitled Baby Over Head makes me smile. Kirk loves this artist and I smile each time I change a poopy diaper as it rests just over his changing pad.


The chair is our only splurge in the room. It’s the Shay Swivel Glider from Room & Board…it was expensive, but will someday look great in a pink nursery if we ever have a daughter.

The mirror is from Ikea. The Ottomon is from Target.


This chalkboard is an antique from my dad and was also used at our wedding to direct guests….I painted the frame


I needed a home for the Louisville Slugger with Kirk’s name on it given to him as a gift from co-workers…..Reeve’s room was perfect. The curtains were made by my mother…


Every baby needs a disco ball, metal robot and wooden train…


and every accountant’s son needs an abacus…and a puppy dog.


Some favorite books. Art For Baby by Keith Haring.

Kansas Jayhawks ABC’s.

Forever Young by Bob Dylan.

Who Says a Dog Goes Bow Bow by Kirk’s amazing Uncle Hank.

a Superman book from Cousin jack…


the sheep mobile is another tribute to Hannah Dog.


all bedding, curtains, pillows were made with love by my Mom. She did an amazing job!




so, that’s his “home” and I just love it so much.

Lately, we have been lying on the floor practicing Tummy Time and watching that ceiling fan that seems to be his favorite item in the whole room.


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