(i just found this post still marked Draft…I MUST post it now, 2 months later)

more things I want to remember about you being 19 days old.

*you have taken to stroking my side with your hand as you nurse

*you kick your feet off of the end of the bassinet. It’s kind of annoying b/c you should be sleeping, but it’s like it’s your way of telling me that you are too big ALREADY for your bed.

*your teeny, tiny little bird legs and the big shoes you wear

*how you still stretch with ALL of your might. Arms up and wide and big yawns…every stretch makes you grow though, I swear.

*you still have your Happy Hour every night before bed where you are wide awake and bright-eyed.

*you peed in your eye the other day when daddy was changing you

*your farts are like giant wet bombs. Sometimes they scare daddy so much he jumps and mommy worried he is going to drop you

*sometimes, and very rarely, I let you sleep in bed with me if it’s 4am and you are inconsolable. You lie in the “pocket” of my armpit and fall asleep in a second. Warm and cozy, protected by mommy, you know it’s okay to rest your eyes


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