Dear Kirk,

sometimes there are moments during the day when I look at you, look at our SON (we have a son!!!), look at you WITH our son and I cannot believe this is my life. We dreamt of this, didn’t we?

Front porch conversations and pillow talk about our “somedays” and “when we have our family” could NEVER have prepared me for ANY of this.

Hormones and emotions and LOVE course my body these days making the smallest of smiles or laughs or coos or snuggles seem like the most important thing that has ever happened in my life.

There is this look that you are Reeve give each other that knocks me to my knees. You are such an amazing father. You are compassionate, engaged, loving, kind and I cannot wait to see the man you help our son to become. One of my favorite things about becoming a mother is watching the man I love become such an amazing father.

For your birthday, the *gifts* or *presents* to give you this year are small compared to the things I wish I could give you….

and then I think to myself as I see a gassy smile, or Alfalfa hair, or legs busting out of onesies or arms flailing about…

What more could we possibly want, let alone need?

Don’t we have everything we have ever dreamed of?

I would give you the world if I could b/c you have given me everything I have ever wanted. A marriage I respect and that is the most important thing to me. A beautiful home that is a joy to come back to each night. Three years worth of amazing memories. Travels, trips, stories…stuff. But mostly, what it all comes down to is that you have taken ALL of my dreams and given them LIFE.

You have given me the best *gift* anyone could ever give me in Reeve. He’s far beyond even my best dream. He’s half me…half you…the best of both of us.

There is not a thing in the world I could give you to compare to what you have given me….so I won’t try, I will just give you my wishes since you have given me all of mine.

I wish, for your birthday, a lifetime of love. That you always feel it. That we always show it to you.

I wish for music to fill your soul.

I wish that you always feel special, respected, that you always know we NEED you, that we are honored to be your family.

I wish that you always remember we don’t need “stuff” to be complete.

I wish you grow as a father and teach our son how to be a good man.

I wish that you play with Reeve even when there is work to do and responsibilities to attend to.

I wish you patience.

I wish for you wisdom as a parent, faith as a NEW parent.

A million wishes more.

I love you so much more with each day, Kirk. I hope you have a great birthday, even though you are there and we are here. If you can just remember that Reeve and I cannot wait to see you, hug you, laugh with you then you should be able to get through this day.

I mean, even if you blew out a million candles and each wish came true, could it even begin to compare to all that we have?

I am so glad that I did whatever I did in order to be given you….

Happy Birthday!!!

One big hug and kiss from me….one big slobber and poo from Reeve.

We love you!


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