*how your hand finds your cheek when you sleep

*how you are too big for your bassinet and kick the ends of it waking yourself up

*gas smiles

*your mouth making O’s and all sorts of other lovely shapes

*you like to go fast in your swing and wake up the minute it slows down

*armpit wrinkles

*your belly button is an outie at this point

*your cheeks are sort of plump and your ears are still really big

*you stroke my side with your hand as you nurse

*your eyes are blue, not muddy blue, but BLUE blue

*baby acne 😦

*daddy thinks you are really, actually coping him when you stick your tongue back out at him or when you open/close your hands

*your belly is getting rounder and fat, your thighs have meat on them

*stretching…oh boy, you are a yogi and I know it….you stretch with EVERY single inch of your body and it makes you grow and grow. STOP!!!

*your forehead and your back are still covered in soft, downy fur

*you slept through the whole Easter festivities



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