Well, although Reeve is 2 weeks and 6 days old…today is my first day alone with no house guests, no help, no husband, NO ONE!


While it was *great* having everyone here to help and see him, I haven’t really had a moment to just take it all in. I bet I haven’t held Reeve while he is awake and alert more than 4 times. It seemed every time he was awake someone would say, “oh, let me have him” or I would feel obliged to make sure people who had travelled so far to see him got their money’s worth.

I definitely would not advise having anyone other than your mother actually stay in the house with you while you are recovering from a C Section.

Houseguests are lovely. They just make more work and stress and anxiety b/c they don’t clean like you do, eat like you do, sleep when you do….I felt like I was trying to entertain more than enjoy and I didn’t really need/want all of the help being offered to me. I understand I had a “major surgery” but I don’t need to be looked after and treated like an invalid.

But I do appreciate the help, although it might not read that way. I just wanted this special time to myself. I feel now Reeve is already a little boy and I missed the first 3 weeks of his life b/c I was too busy pimping him out.

I probably won’t get much done. NO laundry, no dinner, no houscleaning….and I don’t care….

I just want to stare at my son and listen to the QUIET of no one!


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