Reeve, have I ever mentioned to you how much I adore your daddy?

This man who reads two, not one but TWO, newspapers every morning….one of which is the WALL STREET JOURNAL, people. I mean…come on!

He either rests his chin on his hands or he twirls his hair while he reads it.

This man who wears plaid shirts ALL of the time….this is my favorite. It’s his Lumberjack shirt from a Thrift Store in Boulder…um, that alone makes him pretty HOT in my eyes.

This man who also rolls the sleeves of every shirt he owns with 2 rolls placing them approximately 3/4 the way up his arms. This man who wears argyle socks and who plays Scrabble with me on a Friday night when I am too tired/pregnant to go anywhere.

this man who makes the bed every morning…sometimes even when I am still in it….(then he only makes his side)

this man who doesn’t really know how to play with kids….yet….but…is learning with a baby

who has BIG muscles and who is going to be Reeve’s superhero as he grows up…

but Reeve will NEVER drink beer (ahem).

did I mention how cute he is when he twirls his hair?

this man who will try anything I ask him to, even ice skating, for the sake of making me smile.

this man who has ONE funny face that is his “Mudfish Face” and who can never quite mix a drink right and who could live off of fruit.

Reeve, it’s going to be so fun to see the two of you together as you grow. I can’t wait to see you teach each other. Lessons from how to throw a ball to how to be a gentleman to how to drive a car….

You are one lucky little boy!


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