I found this article titled “30 Practical Tips About the Horrors of Raising a Baby That you Will Never Learn from Movies and TV” and I laughed out loud at first…

Then, I started thinking HOLY SHIT!!!

I hadn’t thought about that…or that…and WHAT!?!?!?!

then I thought, what the hell AM I doing? I mean, we woke up this morning with a wheezy, snotty nose and I called the doctor. It didn’t even enter my mind it could just be snot, I went straight to “it’s Easter morning and  I don’t care if people are at church, someone is going to address this illness with me.”

This article pretty much addresses every concern I have for my child.

*SIDS….it seems to me that if I don’t say the word out loud, I don’t have to worry. I have done each of the 4,000 things medical professionals recommend to prevent it (ceiling fan, cool mist humidifer, no crib bumper, no stuffies in the crib, breastfeeding, sleeping on his back)….yet, I am still scared shitless about this acronym.

*Judgment. . . I was given the best bit of advice in my very early weeks of pregnancy from my friend, Kelsi, who said, “Rule Number One of parenting is to NEVER judge another person’s parenting.” I love this advice and give it to anyone I know who is pregnant. Yet, I agree with #s 16 & 17 in this article. I read the ever-so-controversial On Becoming Babywise thinking I was ahead of the game for trying to implement a schedule and place some sort of routine in our life, only to have 3 different doctors tell me that book is nonsense, over the top and even “bullshit” by one doctor. Here’s the thing, I don’t follow every word in the book to a tee, but I have found some of the ideas in it quite useful and get extremely frustrated at the judgment I am faced with.

I like what #19 says in that “if someone judges you, tell the fuck off.”

I won’t feel guilty for any decision I make and fuck off!

and perhaps my favorite bit of advice from the article is #30.

30. Don’t listen to anyone. Other parents will dispense advice like candy (see: This post). Fuck ‘em. You’ll figure it out on your own. Somehow, we all do. Read the books, don’t read the books. Follow whatever parenting method you’d like, or no parenting method at all. Do whatever it takes to work. There’s a study that will validate everything you do, and another study to tell you what you’re doing is wrong. Just fucking love the kid like you’ve never loved anything, and everything will turn out well.

I would like to think the words “fuck off” and “fuck ’em” are going to become vernacular used quite often in my attempt to do this Parenting Thing MY WAY on MY TERMS…

read the article. It’s good.


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