Reeve’s first Easter morning was spent auctioning boogies out of his nose and not in church.

He was up all night wheezing and snotty and the first thin I did was what any new mom would do and that’s call the doctor at 8am on a holiday.

They just recommended what we already knew to do, but for peace of mind I needed to know my 19-day old was okay.

We dressed him in the same outfit he wore home from the hospital.


In just 16 days he has outgrown it I guess it’s a good curse to bear….better for a little boy to be long than short.

He got 2 Easter baskets (each of ours from when we were children) filled with stuffed lambs and chickies, a bible book and a Baby baseball toy.

Again, he slept through all the festivities.


I guess he woke up a little to hang out with Poppy.


He’s a goo boy and this Easter we especially thank God for him. Our love for him is larger than I can bear.




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