People are talking about you, Reeve. It’s like you have a fan club. At first, when I decided to put a Daily Picture of Reeve on my Facebook account, I just knew people would hide my threads or get really annoyed with the barrage of images. Then, I started to get upwards of 50+ Likes/Comments and thought, “well, maybe people enjoy seeing these pictures.” Then…..people started sending me private messages telling me they liked them, family started commenting on how great it was to watch you grow online and NOW….people are stopping my mom on the streets and commenting on the fun pictures. One friend even told me she gets on Facebook every day just to see what you are wearing and doing. My sister-in-law even had a friend of hers call to tell her to tell me that she thinks you are adorable. With pictures like this

. 20120406-114401.jpg and this… ;20120406-114353.jpg and these 20120406-114446.jpg 20120406-114458.jpg it’s easy to see why it’s fun to “watch you grow” online.


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