i feel like an angel has found me.

You are the most amazing gift in the world.

Your lips. Your eyes. Your neck wrinkles. Your nose (which I suck on). Your baby man boobs. Your chicken feet.

God, THANK YOU. I am so blessed. Yesterday was a very hormonal day complete with fear of “being alone” with Reeve when my mom left to sadness that my parents won’t get to see him grow up. . . then I booked a ticket to fly home in a month and I realized that I am never more than an hour flight away and nothing stands in my way of seeing my family.

You are one week old today and I have taken over 250 pictures of you on my iPhone and just as many on my fancy camera and have a photographer coming tomorrow to take more pictures. I just know you will grow so much and change so fast and don’t want to miss or forget a single minute of it.

Oh, and I have not posted many of those 250+ pictures here, but on Facebook, but promise to do better in the future.

Reeve, you have changed me. I am learning to slow down. That it’s okay to not get it all done. That I have to practice on my patience and take time. Put the phone down and enjoy you as you latch onto my breast, reaching your tiny little hand up to my chest. That your hair gets curly as the day goes on. That you are learning about your hands from Daddy (he is teaching you to throw a ball, shoot a basket, strum a guitar, bang on the drums) and that you stretch with all of your might from the bottom of your teeniest toe to the wee little fingers I love to suck on. You know so little at this time. We read you a book every night and daddy stares into your eyes and falls more and more in love with you each time.

Last night he even baby-talked to you. The look on his face. He said to me, “I can’t believe we made him.”

I just pray and pray for God to know that I would fall to my knees to thank him. That this gift, this life, this family I have is the most precious thing in the world to me.

If I think back to just over 3 years ago when Kirk and I met I NEVER would have imagined that His Plan for me was this beautiful.

One week old. One week new. One week on this Earth which has so many surprises in store for you. One week grown. One week bigger. One week worth of love in my heart. One week.

The best week of my life.

Reeve, I hope you think I am a good mommy. I hope you take every kiss I plant on your head and use it to grow big and strong and to know that my dreams for you are bigger than any I have ever had for myself.

I love you, Little Bird.



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