we just didn’t know we could love you this much. Daddy certainly had no idea and even I was a fool for thinking being an aunt gave me a little bit more experience.

There was this magical night when you were first here that our hearts broke into a million tiny pieces and embedded themselves with parts of your soul and we will never be the same again.

i keep replaying that night over and over in my head and rank it higher than any other special second of my life.

Your daddy went from being terrified and unsure of babies to absolutely in love with you that night…and each night since at about 9pm.

You look just like him, Reeve. You have wavy black hair, his mouth, the same long ear lobes and lips. Loving him has made loving you a no-brainer.

We call you Little Bird b/c you root around with your mouth open looking for food like a little baby bird does.

We are the family with the weird nicknames

Budge = Daddy

Monk = Mommy

Birdie/bird/little bird/chicken wing (your arms are no bigger than a chicken wing) and today I have been calling you Nutsy P (like Peanut).

I can’t find the words. I shouldn’t even try. I could do no justice in attempting to put Ito words this new love I have.








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