in an extremely desperate attempt to find humor amidst all of the anxiety, I am going to tell you about the time we checked into our Birthing Room #10 (which is a good sign b/c it’s Kirk’s favorite number) and turned the television on to the Lactation Channel where the, I don’t know, Milk Maid talked on and on about the Breast Sandwich. I didn’t even watch long enough to learn what that was, but the visual alone brought a lightness into the sterile room where the Crash Cart is but 5 feet from me.


It’s 7:19 pm.

We ate a lovely carb-packed dinner at Cucina Colore and snuck some Turtle Cheesecake into our room. Before dinner we found ourselves at the Tattered Cover Bookstore (my heaven on earth) where I bought “On The Day You Were Born” and “Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son’s First Year.”

I will always cherish this book because just looking at it makes me cry. I will never forget the anxiety coursing my veins as I read it in the basement of the old bookstore on an old movie theatre seat with tears streaming down my cheeks.

I love the illustrations and can’t wait to share the bit that made me cry


Nurse Rachel just walked in….gotta go!


As I was being hooked up to the monitor (before the IV was even put in) my water broke! It was my first moment of pride as a mother! It felt like I had peed myself a little so she grabbed some litmus paper to make sure it was amniotic fluid and it WAS!!!! HOORAY!!!

That means that you were going to come on your own tonight anyway, but you are such a good boy that you alleviated your daddy’s biggest fear which was that moment that is in all the movies where the water breaks and they rush to get in the car, hit every stoplight, get a police escort and race to the hospital….it also means I don’t have to really be induced and they won’t insert the Cytotek pill to thin my cervix right now, but instead wait 6 hours to see how I progress on my own.

Right now, my contractions are every 4-5 minutes and lasting over a minute which is EXACTLY when they tell you you should haul ass to the hospital.

I am not going to brag about this or toot my own horn, but right now I feel GREAT! We just walked the 3rd floor and are listening to WSP….

I will be back after they check to see how dilated I am in an hour.


It’s 9:50 and I am about to take a sleeping pill. They are going to wake me up at 1:00 am I check cervix and how I am progressing.

Kirk has gone to move the rental car (yes, I am still driving that from the Flying Tire accident of 2/25) to the parking garage.

Poor guy, he gets to spend the night on a cot/bench….he says it’s part of the experience, but I love him too much to want him to feel any pain. I would carry it all for him if I could.

So that’s all for tonight. I am just so grateful my water broke and Reeve wanted us to know we were gonna do this HIS way.

That’s MY boy!!!!!!


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