I am a stickler for being on time.

It’s quite rude and annoying when someone keeps me waiting, even if for 5 minutes. I mean, how hard is it to leave on time and get somewhere on time?

Early is on time.

On time is late.

Late is UNHEARD of.

Even my acupuncturist commented to me the other day when I arrived at 5:35 for a 5:45 appointment, “are you always so precise?”

A “yes” proudly escaped my lips before I realized in her wackadoo, Eastern medicine world it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I think she even commented, “I bet you have a hard time relaxing.”….I wanted to say, “no, I just respect your time.”

Because, to me, that’s what being on time means….it means you respect others.

SO, Reeve, your tardiness is really pushing my buttons. I have said many a time I am sure the lesson to be learned in this is patience, but when you get here we REALLY must have a talk about punctuality.


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