nothing happened in my sleep….






Sleeping is impossible if you can’t toss & turn. Almost like you can’t walk without swinging your arms. You just can’t do one without the other.

I was up all night crying and praying you would just come. Any amount of pain would be okay, just come to me.

It’s almost noon and I am still in bed willing you to come out on your own before Tuesday’s Induce Date.

I really wanted you today. I had the cutest St. Patrick’s Day outfit for you that I was so excited to dress you in….and I know that is stupid, but these whole 9 months I have pictured a little St. Paddy’s Day baby…my Lucky Charm.

What are you waiting for? Please come out…..

I love you so much it hurts and I just want to touch your nose and see you with your Daddy. My whole body feels like you are just sucking the life out of it.

Please be a good little boy and GET OUT or you are GROUNDED!!!


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