well, here we are at your Due Date and no sign of you whatsoever.


Why won’t you come out and meet us? There are so many people here ready to love you. Don Linny & Papa Jim have been here for 5 days waiting. Kirk and I are chomping at the bit. Even Hannah seems to know something is about to happen…she threw up on the bed last night. (eek).

It’s about 4pm as I write this and I have walked 2 miles today and JOGGED 1.5 miles.

Yes, you read that right….From the Sundial House to Our House (all downhill) my big belly and I went for a run….talk about getting some funny looks!

I am willing to try anything at this point. Primrose Oil pills, Raspberry Leaf tea, walking, pineapple…you name it I have tried it.

I went on 2 walks today totaling over 4 miles and JOGGED home from the top of the hill for another 1.5 mile. By the time I got home from the 3rd walk of the day, i could hardly even make it up the stairs.

I cried myself to sleep b/c I feel so fat…so ugly and I just want to hold you.

Maybe something will happen in my sleep tonight?  🙂


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