that I am trying to build a library for my son and almost every board or picture book has a little white boy as the main character. Hello?@!??!?  There are also little black boys, asian girls, hispanic kids, brown kids and other little kids in this world who are a different color but not “different”….

if you know what I mean.

It seems every book I was able to find with a character of another color was about acceptance or how we are all the same or took place in Africa or Asia….

guess what?!?! 

Do you really think we need a book to TELL us we are the same when that’s the reality? Perhaps if Max and his purple crayon had a brown boy we wouldn’t have to buy books about acceptance.

I am just annoyed b/c I hope, as a parent, I am able to teach my son to see past colors without a book showing him that although we all look different, we are all the same.

I remember when my nephew Jack was 3 or so, he met my best friend’s baby who is of a mixed race. He never noticed his darker skin….until about a year later when he said, “hmmmm…his skin is tan” and that was it. Now, Jack is 6 and he still doesn’t see color, he just sees a little boy.

That means something to me. I didn’t grow up around different races and it wasn’t until college where I even really had a chance to meet people of other color, from other countries, with different religions and I LOVED getting to meet new people with such different views and stories. Reeve will experience more of that growing up in Denver than I did in a small town in Kansas and I am excited that he just won’t ever know any different than the fact that people are different in more ways than color as some of these books I found tried to explain.

People dress differently. People eat differently. They like different music and have different accents and the color of their skin is probalby the LEAST important difference that exists.

So, I was able to find just one book in the whole bookstore that I felt had a the “right” message.

Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats is just a book about a little boy playing…and he happens to be black…and there is no secret message or hidden agenda and it’s adorable.

And now I am on the hunt now for more books like this. Books with people with differences that aren’t different……

because there IS a difference!


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