and by “that” I mean my belly.

In the past week it has grown EXPONENTIALLY….it doesn’t even look like it’s mine. I look down at it and can’t believe it. It’s become very uncomfortable to sit, stand, drive, sleep, walk, lay down, eat…you name it. I wake up in the middle of each night with Acid Reflux so bad I have to roll over and pop 2-4 Tums.


Kirk is being amazing. He runs upstairs to get me a piece of cake, then again for a glass of milk, then again for my phone (which I always seem to leave everywhere).

I look like this….

Everyone tells me I have a nice belly. By that I guess they mean it’s tan or shaped well, but I look at it and all I can see are the thousands of tiny peach fuzz hairs that have sprouted up….if you have half as much hair as my belly, then you are going to have a FULL head of it.

I hope you do too. Bald babies aren’t as cute. I will still love you, of course, but I would prefer we have something to “style” on you other than your clothes.

Anyway, I have to go hunt down some Tums here at work. Oh, and on that note, I am only here for another EIGHT days…eight working days that is. Each day gets harder and harder. Not just b/c I don’t want to be here, but b/c it is SO hard on my body. I can’t sit all day and each time I get up to greet someone who walks in the door I get the sharpest of pains in areas that I have never had pains in before. My feet/legs/hands swell up at the end of each day from sitting and by the time I get home each night at 5:30 I am in tears b/c I am so exhausted.

I hope I can make it. Each day getting harder and harder makes me want to call my boss and ask her what my options are? Should I leave early for Maternity Leave? Should I call in sick? Can I work half-days? I just don’t know what my options are….but I am ready for March 2. I just want to lie in bed and take hot baths all day.


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