have you read this book?

It’s sweet and it’s Dr. Suess so you know it’s awesome.

This baby bird jumps out of it’s nest and asks other animals “are you my mother?”

It makes me think of Hannah. I swear, before me, she must’ve thought Kirk was her “mother” and now that I am here, she is 100% certain she is birthed from me. That dog just LOVES me. It might be that she is protective of me or some hormonal signal I am putting off that I am pregnant, but she won’t leave me alone.

I picture her as a puppy, long before I knew her, asking Kirk’s friends, girlfriends, randoms who stopped to pet her “are YOU my mother?” and then when she met me SHE JUST KNEW….I am her momma.

This is what she does every night whether it’s on the couch or on the bed. Does she know Reeve is in there and is loving on him or is it all for me?

Doesn’t matter…I feel the love from her.


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