Ran across this blog post titled “10 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman.”

(click to read before continuing or you won’t get my point)

I have had several friends who have had people ask them when they are due AFTER they have already given birth (some LONG after) but haven’t really encountered any questions, comments that took me by surprise or offended me.

I just don’t find most of these “offensive” and, in fact, love when random strangers come up to me to wish me well, ask what I am having or how far along I am, but I thought maybe someone out there has had these questions/comments directed at them and would get a kick out of this.

The ONLY one I find offensive is #10.

10) “When I was pregnant, I gained 35 pounds and spent 24 hours in labor. It was the worst pain ever.”
Last but not least, most women who said this, probably just thought that they were sharing their life experiences and passing along the ‘wisdom’. But saying this to a first time expectant mom is almost malicious. It serves no purpose whatsoever, other than satisfying their own twisted thought that, ‘well, I went through it, now, it’s your turn”. Well, guess what? Just because you were bitter about your own labor experience doesn’t mean everyone will share a similar experience. Even if we do, we will not give you the satisfaction of knowing so. So, unless you have something positive to say, I suggest you hold your tongue or I might just bite it off myself!

It all goes back to how I can’t believe how quick women are to share their horror stories. It’s like they want you to feel sorry for THEM instead of for yourself if you have to go through it. Or, like they want you to take pity on them. I don’t…when people tell me how awful their delivery was I don’t feel anything but sorry for them that all the can remember from that amazing day is pain.

Anyway, i guess what you can take from this random post is that I have loved being pregnant and I love questions and if you are the type of person who focuses on the negative you might empathize with this bloggers’ opinions.

I don’t.


One thought on “thought.this.was.funny

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jessica.
    I love being pregnant, and when I tell other people that I love it, they tell me I’m crazy.

    It’s the negative word vomit that I don’t understand, like #10 that you highlighted.
    It’s such a wonderful experience, I can’t believe the only thing they remember is negative!

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