I got this idea from a blog I love called Sometimes Sweet and thought it would make a great weekly post….


OBSESSING OVER ~ Spring Clothing. Gosh, I just can’t wait until I can wear “normal” clothes again. The stores are just full of bright pinks, turquoises and shades of white galore. Have I ever mentioned how I could just wear white and cream and off-white all the time? Well, I could. Anyway, I can’t stop obsessing over all things bright and colorful…like Pink, what is my obsession with pink lately? I have always hated the color pink. Maybe it’s b/c since I found out Reeve was a boy all I have been buying is blue and suddenly I am in love with pink. I even said aloud the other day that if we had a girl, I would do her room in….gasp….blush!

WORKING ON…nothing!!!!  I am focusing on staying focused and NOT the least bit on work. Sure, I guess you could say I have been working on getting the house organized and clean, but seeing as how the Cleaning Lady just left I don’t know if you could call it “working” if someone else is doing the work.

THINKING ABOUT…Hawaii and how it is my motivation to get this belly/thighs back in shape. That and the Spring-ish weather that is teasing us today. THinking about getting back in shape, walking everywhere with the boy and wondering when I am going to get the $4,000 travel voucher so we can book our trip.

ANTICIPATING…pushing Reeve around the neighborhood in his stroller, hiking with other new mommas, cutting my hair short and going blonde again, lying at the pool with the baby…and, yes, you are really about to read this…ROCKIES GAMES!!!!  I can’t wait to get some sun, drink some beers, see Kirk teaching Reeve about the sport like he did me 3 years ago. Mostly, it’s just having a “normal” life again. Not working weekends and getting to do things with Kirk like a normal family would. Last weekend we got to run errands, eat lunch and enjoy a whole day together and I was able to get a glimpse of how our life will be in just SIXTEEN days….ELEVEN working days!

LISTENING TO…The Sheepdogs. Now, I know nothing about this band and haven’t heard a single song of theirs other than what is on Kirk’s iPod, but I am digging them. Their website says their music is “Rock-a-boogie.” I have no idea what that means, but it’s soooo perfect to describe it. It’s sounds like it’s straight out of a 70s beach recording studio and it just makes me so happy. Have a listen.

EATING…lately I am craving anything creamy and spicy so Italian makes sense. Of course, I just bake 48 peanut butter cookies and I am craving sushi like nobody’s business. I could really go for a ham & cheese sandwich or a cherry limeade. I enjoy a good platter of nachos and would really appreciate if someone would bring me a cup of lobster bisque….

WISHING….that Reeve is born easily and is healthy. That life continues to surprise me. That our families make it here safely as they come to meet him. THat I could sleep 8 full hours on my stomach (not gonna happen for a long time) and, mostly, that we are good parents!


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