Happy Valentine’s Day, Reeve!

This is one of my favorite holidays. Not b/c of gifts or flowers, not b/c of the pink & red you see everywhere. Nope. I love this holiday for two reasons.

One, I have very dear memories of being a little girl and my dad sending me flowers/candies/gifts to school. I was the only little girl whose daddy did this. I don’t know if it was actually my mom who sent this stuff to me or if dad really did it, but I was (and still am) very much a Daddy’s Girl.

Two, your daddy and I have turned this holiday into something that means a lot to us. We don’t exchange gifts and we don’t give each other ridiculous cards.

Our tradition started just one month into the time we met. For our first Valentine’s Day I didn’t even want to acknowledge we were “dating” because I was SO not ready to be in a relationship after just having gotten out of a 10-year one. I bought him a “General Purpose” card about Vodka really being good for you b/c it is, after all, just potato juice and a KU hat. I don’t think he even bought me anything. We made sushi together for the first time and laughed and laughed as we prepared it side-by-side. We sat on the couch and listened to good music and, I think, in our hearts we were silently praying these new feelings were real.

The next year, Kirk made me Sea Scallops. The year after that we attemped Wasabi Tuna Steaks.

Tonight, we will attempt Fondue and the very first EVER cheesecake I have made and probably listen to some music.

Nothing special.

It doesn’t have to be. You see, we are lucky enough to have discovered very early on that if you treat each other like every day is a gift, then you don’t really have to exchange any tangible items to feel blessed or loved.

I don’t need a thing.

I have Kirk. I have a home that I love. I have great friends. I have my health. I have you.

When you are old enough to understand what this day means, I hope you learn and apply all that we have taught and shown to you about what it means to love another with respect. I can’t wait until you fall in love with a girl and one day ask for our advice. It’s a long ways away, but that day will come and it will be so great to see.

For now, I am your Valentine.



and I will never break your heart. I will never leave you guessing. I will never whisper lies. I will always be true.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Reeve!!!


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