Last night was my Baby Shower. Erin & Kelsi hosted it for me and know me well enough to have it at an Italian restaurant and to bring my favorite cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes for dessert.


It was wonderful b/c I had friends there from college (Laura & Natasha), friends from KC (Erin & Kelsi), friends from Colorado (Sheena) friends from work (Tara & Jenny) and friends of Kirk’s (Ali & Miranda). I received a lot of goodies that I needed and SO much baseball stuff for Kirk (blankets, onesnies, toys).

Some of the gifts were very personal (Lanolin for my nipples from Ali’s hubby Bobby) and everyone brought a Board Book for Reeve which I just LOVED!  I am fascinated with Board Books. How amazing is it that a tiny book with 1-5 words per page can teach a child SO much?

The food was amazing and I found an excuse to wear my wedding high heels (which are surprisingly much more comfortable than the ballet flats I wear every day).

I am so grateful to have such very good friends here in Colorado. It’s no secret that I miss my besties in Kansas, but it’s so nice to know I have a group of friends who are single or married, young or my age, kids or no kids, all very different who can come together to wish my *family* such love and luck.

Pictures to follow, but I thought I would share with you two images from the Maternity Shoot Erin & I did in the snow about a month ago. I had a very definitive idea of what/how I wanted to look. The word would probably be ethereal, but she did so much more than capture how I wanted to feel….she captured a light around me.

Just look at that….the soft, golden light on my shoulder from the sun setting.

She managed to make me (huge and fat-feeling and dry skinned and pale as a ghost) feel beautiful not because of how I looked, but because of how this feels. This life inside of me. This light, this glow….

I remember when she took the above picture I was thinking to myself and whispering to God how thankful I was….how happy I am….how lucky we are. I look at this picture and I see that on my face.

Now THIS picture blows my mind!

Am I really standing nearly naked in snow?

Those lovely mountains behind me that I get to wake up and see every day…

the wind…

the light…

Where does one put a picture like this in their house?

Anyway, they are just beautiful and today I am beaming with a love and gratitude for friendship.


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