I really enjoyed reading this post I found on my favorite website Pinterest.

It’s called “25 Things I Want My Son To Know.”

Number Two cracks me up. It’s Okay to let go of your penis, it’s not going anywhere….ha ha….

Number Eleven is pretty good too…YOU ARE SUPERMAN….I mean, Reeve, you are named after him.

I don’t know why I enjoy reading lists like these so much. If you recall, I posted another one here. I am sure it’s b/c I have never done this job before and, in some sense, it feels like I am preparing. Like I am taking the advice of someone who has gone before me. Making mental notes along the way, I am able to compile the lessons I want Reeve to carry with him throughout life.

My favorite is probably Number 25. WHEREEVER YOU ARE IN LIFE, YOU CAN COME HOME. I will be here – always.

Isn’t that the truth? As long as I am alive, you are welcome to just come home.


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