I sawe this cute post on my friend’s Facebook page the other day where she posted 10 things she was addicted to. . .i thought I would copy her b/c she’s amazing! 

Jasmin, this is for YOU

10. Chapstick ~ not sure if it’s b/c I am pregnant and Reeve is sucking every ounce of fluid out of my body for himself or b/c it’s winter or b/c it’s dry in Colorado, but I have gone through THREE tubes of chapstick this winter. Ha ha….for Christmas my adorable 3-year-old nephew asked for chapstick (he’s addicted to it too…but he eats it).  I have a Carmex, a Bank of the West Mortgage tube and a Natural kind made organically in Boulder and I apply them at least 10 times a day.

9. Hulu ~ God, what did people who were bored at work do before Hulu came along?

8. The color BLUE ~ Kirk says that if I could paint every room in the house a shade of blue I would. I have a blue dining room and Reeve’s room is blue, but I am longing for a room or something to paint turquoise. I am obsessed with turquoise jewelry as well. For some reason, blue is just the color I associate with happiness and soul and love and all things lovely.

7. Paying off debt ~ I am OBSESSED with making sure every last dollar I make before I leave to be a Stay At Home Mom goes towards paying off debt. While I haven’t loved my job, I sat down yesterday and realized that it allowed us to pay off $150,000 in debt….did you read that? ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND Dollars…want me to break it down? God, I love that Kirk and I are starting our family with money in savings, no debt and enough money left over every month to invest for ourselves and for Reeve’s future. I married one hell of a smartie….

  • $96,000 towards our new home (that’s 20% which allows us to avoid paying monthly Private Mortgage Insurance)
  • $20,000 towards our wedding which we paid CASH for
  • $10,000 towards furniture for our new home (couches, media centers, beds, coffee tables, end tables, decor, etc)
  • $3,000 Home Depot (washer/dryer, lawn mower, ceiling fans, curtain rods, etc)
  • $8,000 Visa (my credit card which I put a lot of wedding stuff and new home supplies stuff on
  • $12,000 Loan from my parents to help us be able to put 20% down on our home…thanks, Mom & Dad…it felt good to send that last check back to them so I wasn’t in their debt….ps…my dad made me sign a legal document that I would pay them back
  • $10,500 a personal business loan

6. Revenge ~ I watched about 7 hours of this show one day to get caught up and am in love with the characters, the plot line, the clothes, the drama!

5. Pinterest ~ I mean, come on…for such a visual girl as myself, this website is a dream come true. I get to take ideas others have carried out, store them in an organized matter where I can visit them to one day maybe carry them out. Everything from clothes to recipes to photography poses to makeup tutorials…GENIUS!!!

4. Counting Down ~ I have a countdown on my phone, a countdown on my calendar, a mental countdown, all kinds of countdowns to when I get to leave for Maternity Leave….and NEVER go back! They (they = work) don’t know this yet, but I am going to be a full time stay at home mom…and the timing couldn’t be better b/c my job is NOT making me happy right now. I LOVE the $$$$$ but the stress, hours, working weekends and the discomfort of sitting all day is getting to me. Right now, as I type this, I am 1 hour in and have gotten up FOUR times to walk around, but my back is KILLING me.

3. Board Books ~ I feel very passionately about collecting books for Reeve’s library. I love to read, LOVE to read….read all day….I want to instill that same passion in books that I have to Reeve. I don’t care if he likes sports or music or guns or Star Wars or Star Trek or whatever, but I DO care that he enjoys books the way Kirk and I do. I have read many interesting studies that prove that just having a home full of books ( and boy do we) creates a curiosity…that reading to a baby every night, even when they can’t understand a word you are saying, that articulating the same words repetitively, that putting books in their rooms, that buying them books in lieu of a toy if they “have to have something” creates that need for words…I NEED WORDS

2. Kirk ~ duh….I am so in love with him. Just over three years we have known each other and I still get butterflies every night when I hear the garage door open and his car pull in. I make sure my hair is good, my makeup is right and I just let the loving begin. I am blessed beyond blessed to know, love and to have married such a caring, passionate, smart, hard-working, respectful and honest man. He has made dreams I didn’t even know I had come true. He takes his role as my “Provider & Protector” very seriously…he won’t let me do a plank while 7.5 months pregnant just to prove I can. He won’t let me get on a ladder to paint walls. He makes wise choices for our family and puts gas in my car. He invests our money wisely so we can enjoy our future. He never asks me why I spent so much money at the GAP or if I really need those tri-weekly massages or mani/pedis. He babies me. He will walk up all 40 stairs to get my phone if I forgot it. He will hang, then rehang, then remove the shelves I thought I liked without complaining. He helps me cook by reading the directions b/c I just can’t seem to follow steps in sequential order. It’s no wonder I am obsessed with him.


1. Our Little Reeve ~ though I haven’t met him, though I haven’t held him, though I have not kissed him…he is everything I have ever wanted. Our little Honeymoon Surprise is the most perfect wedding gift given to us by God. The lessons I am about to learn overwhelm me. The love I already have for him in my heart could break me. The joy I expect him to bring brings me to my knees. I am obsessed with all things about being a good parent, how to make him sleep, feeding him, dressing him, pictures of him, books for him, music for him….He is already my whole life. He is the best thing I have ever done and the perfect gift to give to Kirk.



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