I read this beautiful line in this book and it hit home so sweetly. Actually, I am at work and don’t have the book with me so I will paraphrase.

She wrote (something along the lines of) “Whatever did I do with my hands before I had you to hold?”

Isn’t that beautiful? I know what she means. Kirk commented just the other night, in fact, that I no longer bite the inside of my lip to the point of blood any longer, now when I am bored or tired or stressed, I rub my belly. It’s soothing. Sometimes I imagine that I can differentiate your back, your butt, your head. Sometimes I imagine you in there swinging on my ribs like you are on a Monkey Bar. Sometimes I picture you in there releasing a giant “ahhhhh….” when we blast some blues or folk rock on our new speakers.

It’s just so wonderful to have you in there and I can’t imagine you in my arms. I can’t wait to go from imagining and dreaming of you to holding and snuggling with you.

My life is so ever-changed by you. Only 6 months into my marriage (as of yesterday) and 6 months pregnant and I have so much about 2011 and my life and my marriage to be thankful for. I am married to my knight-in-shining-armor and am so blessed to have all of the things I never even dared to dream of when I was little girl…..

Reeve, I can’t wait to hold you.

Daddy sent me a text message from Vermont this morning that said, “I miss you and Hannah and Reeve….”  His family. What a feeling. To know that you and I (and dog) are this man’s WHOLE world. . . .we are everything to someone…

you are everything to me.


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