I cannot keep secrets. I cannot keep a secret.

Let me preface this with a DISCLAIMER: If you are a friend and tell me a secret I won’t tell a soul….maybe my mom, but she doesn’t count. Otherwise, I will take it to my grave.

However, if you buy me a present, I will figure it out. I will look in your car trunk, decode receipts, snoop in your drawers, I WILL figure it out.

If i bought you a present, I simply can’t make it until the day to give it to you. If it’s Christmas, chances are, you will have your gift in November. I just want you to have it that bad and I can’t keep it secret…

I come from a long line of people who can’t keep secrets. It felt like Christmas every day growing up b/c my mom couldn’t stand to make it to a holiday either and then I would end up getting other presents to make up for the ones she gave me too early.

Shoot, last week I flew home to surprise my mom, a trip which I had managed to (somehow) keep secret for 6 weeks and my dad blew it in the last 30 minutes before I made it home. SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  He accidentally called HER thinking it was ME and blew the whole thing..

My 6-year-old nephew Jack is better at keeping secrets that I am.

So….the fact that I have somehow managed to keep Reeve’s name a secret for 28 weeks is amazing!!!  Unbelievable!!!!

I never wanted to keep it secret, it was Kirk’s idea. He liked the idea of having SOMETHING to ourselves (in a world of Facebook, that’s really hard for someone as “raw” as me). So, we have been calling him to people outside of our closest friends and family “Baby R.”

….and I am going to miss our Secret Little Baby R when he actually makes it here.

We have received about 2 or 3 Christmas cards addressed to Kirk, Jessie and Baby R and it just melts me. Before Reeve has even made it into this world, people are already wishing him well and he is even already involved in the Grimes-Runyan-Liston family holiday gift exchange. My flower girl/cousin’s daughter, Hope, gets him.

In just under 3 months, Reeve will make his way into this world and I can’t imagine I will ever be able to keep any secrets from him either.



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