Is it possible that it’s only been FIVE months since I put on my lovely wedding gown and laughed my way down the aisle to marry Kirk? Has it really only been five months? It’s amazing how quickly time has flown and I am trying so desperately to hold onto these moments and milestones.

Reeve, I don’t know everything about being your momma yet, but I know that you are already taking after your father more so than me. You are calm…sometimes people who are or who have been pregnant tell me how active and how often their babies kicked and moved around, but like your daddy, you are pretty okay to just chill and give me a subtle kick every now and then as if to let me know you are still in there. I love those kicks.

My wardrobe pretty much consists of the ONE pair of black works pants I have bought (I refuse to buy more) and either gray, black or blue long Maternity tops from Target.

I want everyone to know I am growing you inside of me. At first, it was so I could explain my fatigue and fat, but now it’s b/c I want everyone to tell me how lucky I am and how special it is….

We are slowly completing your nursery. You have a lot of books and old-fashioned toys….I even bought you a robot today and ordered a few disco ball and peace sign Christmas ornaments to make into a mobile for over your crib.

My life revolves around you already, Reeve. I go straight to the baby section in every store and pass things I want for myself to try to find something for you.

My dreams for you are bigger than any I have ever had for myself. I don’t care what you “grow up to be” in terms of a title or job, but I pray and hope that you are happy and true and peaceful and honest.

I sometimes get sad when I see horrific news stories b/c I think of how hard of a world you wil have to grow up in. It’s not fair that suffering and sadness are all around us, and it is my hope that you do your part in life to make this world a better place.

My love for your daddy grows daily. Looking down at his face as I wake up each morning brings a sense of peace I know all daddies want for their daughters someday. I think in my heart I knew I would marry him b/c I would be proud to have a son like him.

Plus, he’s really, really, really cute!!!

I love you, Reeve. I cannot wait to meet you and truly take in who you are and help you become who you want to be.


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