guess what? Mommy’s friend (who thought she would NEVER get pregnant…even though she really only had to try for 5 months or even less) is PREGNANT and is going to give you either a best friend or a future-wife in about 32 years b/c I really don’t believe you can get married before you are 32.

I am so happy and excited and joyous for them…..and selfishly for ME.

That means I won’t have to go through these aches and pains and growing of the belly alone.

She will be a great mommy!

The past day has been a little rough physically. I am about 95% positive I am trying to pass a kidney stone. Two nights ago the pain was so bad I was writhing and rolling around in the night begging Kirk to help in any way he can. Rub my back, get me something to drink…I was bawling and worried that something was wrong with Reeve and made him go get me a hot pad. Oh, it was awful.

See, Reeve, you are deeper than in my heart and in my tummy. You are my LIFE! If anything were happening to you, it would be the end of me. I love you so much.

Needless to say, today (after Cranberry pills and soup and 87 bottles of water and Candy Cane Ice Cream and a Kit Kat) I feel better and can wait another 2 days until my doctor’s appointment versus having to spend another $2,000 at the ER to tell me nothing is wrong.

And let’s talk about my Snoogle for a second. This things is a LIFE saver.

One of the hardest things about being pregnant for me is the pain involved with sleeping. To roll from right hip to left hip requires an 8-point turn. I have to groan and pick up every inch of my body and it is so painful…I have 2 HUGE pillows tucked up against each side of me and even then they aren’t comfortable. I haven’t touched or snuggled with Kirk in my sleep in 3 months.

So, the SNOOGLE has saved my life and let’s me touch Kirk again.

From this point forth, the SNOOGLE will be my gift-of-choice for every pregnant person I know.

This week is Thanksgiving and it’s no secret what I am most thankful for this year….more on that later this week.


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