One of my favorite things about this kid inside of me is his Nursery. Decorating it has been so much fun for me. I don’t know his personality yet, but I know he will love his room.

Originally, i wanted a Vintage Varisty baseball look, but then Kirk decided he didn’t want Reeve to grow up feeling like he had to love baseball. Then, I thought I wanted something with LOTS of color….can you say OVER-Stimulation? Most recently, I decided I wanted his nursery to be soothing, eclectic and filled with books. Kirk and I talk all of the time about how when the kid begs for stuff at the store, we will tell him, “You can have a book…any book you want.”

I found this posting today and thought it would be great to share. Click on the Link below or just read the content at the bottom of the post.

So far, we have settled on a color: 


1. Baby furniture is simple and minimal. Crib + Dresser/Change table. However, the choices in style and price points are extensive. It’s easy to get carried away.
2. A comfortable chair is important. Important = doing your research and splurging a little to get something decent.
3. It’s always best to find your focus pieces first (carpet, window treatment, bedding etc) and then mix your paint to compliment. It’s much more of a challenge to paint first and then try to match your accessories.
4. The 4 piece or 7 piece bedding sets are a bit of a rip off. They look so cute and seems like an easy matchy matchy solution, but you don’t use half of the stuff in them.
5. When you make your baby registry include “clues” to your décor theme. Some people will check the registry for ideas but then buy from other sources. For example if your room colors are blue and green and brown, included items of that color. If you have decorated around elephants, include elephant related items. You can always return/exchange the “clue” pieces later for things you actually need.
6. The crib mobile is not a decorative object – you can’t choose it based on how well it matches your décor
7. You need multiples of things – crib sheets, change table covers. You can buy all of the same one but it’s more fun to mix and match for different looks.
8. It’s not all about the baby, there needs to be a place in the nursery for “Mommy’s things” – A soft light, books, breast pump etc.
9. Make sure things are easily cleanable – Babies produce projectile liquids of all textures and colors. Consider things that can be wiped down, thrown in the laundry or have patterns that hide splatters.
10. A babies needs are simple to start, but they grow pretty fast. You need to plan from the start how the nursery will change with your child.


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