So, one thing that clearly defines who Kirk and I are as a couple is our love for music. I call him a “music snob” but in truth he just knows what he likes. I, on the other hand, am a “Music Whore.”

This morning alone, I have gone from listening to T Pain rap about walking in on his girlfriend naked with one of his chains on.

Then, I found “She’s a Bad Mama Jama” b/c I really just FELT that Baby Reeve needed to start his morning off with some funk!

Then, I thought of something sad and needed to hear a little Joni Mitchell….she always makes me cry!

Anyway, Reeve’s nursery has evolved from “baby’s room” to “Disco funk”….complete with a miniature disco ball!

I can’t wait to share pictures with all of you, but for now, I gotta go, THIS song is calling my name.

(ps….Kirk hates The Cure and all 80’s music.) 🙂


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