Yesterday was my day off and one of the items on my To Do List was to go Grocery Shopping….which leads to Observation #1.

1. Grocery shopping while pregnant is almost as bad as going while you are stoned. (Mom, Dad….I am just assuming  I know what it’s like to go grocery shopping while stoned.)

2. Phallic-shaped food items are all of a sudden VERY appealing to me….and it’s weird. I bought cucumbers, celery, pork loins, sweet potatos, Italian Sausages as well as Summer Sausage and bananas. I laughed when I unloaded one particular bag b/c they were all grouped together.

3. I am extra, even more annoyed-than-usual by people who don’t return their carts. I mean, if my pregnant ass can do it why cant you?

4. People are very nice and willing to help. “Do you need help out to your car?” “Would you like us to have someone help you lift those bags into your car?” One nice gentleman even saw me finished with my cart and offered to walk it back up to the store for me.

5. Skinny Jeans make you feel skinny when the rest of you is growing. Someone asked me how I was feeling at the Sales Meeting this morning and my first thought and the first thing i said was, “I am having a skinny day.” When the rest of you is growing OUT, it’s nice to know you can still pull off skinny jeans and heels.

6. 8 hours of sleep is a MUST! Enough said!

7. It’s getting harder and harder to breathe! I feel like walking up 8 stairs is the equivalent of running the stairs at Red Rocks….and I don’t get it b/c I am in GREAT shape. Again, how anyone could stand to be overweight or carry around extra poundage is beyond me.

8. Watching TLC’s Baby Story when you can’t sleep is a BAD idea….espcially if it’s a Home Birth or Water Delivery…..AAAAAAAGGGH!

9. Poop. Not appropriate to talk about, but also not appropriate not to do it. EVER!

10. It’s so amazing to be pregnant. I feel beautiful! My hair is gorgeous! My skin is flawless! My boobs are big! I get to wear crazy clothes that I wouldn’t normally wear (like the 3/4 length sleeve faux fur coat I have on today) and leggings and scarves and big jewelry. People stop me on the street to tell me I look beautiful! I love the feeling of Reeve kicking away in the morning, around lunch and as I lay in bed at night. I love that’s all mine to feel, that while Kirk could feel it if he were patient enough to wait, I get to hold it all to myself. I love that my belly button is rounder. I love decorating your nursery. I love shopping for you.


I can’t wait to meet you and see you in your daddy’s arms and kiss your toes.


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