Well Little MAN,

it’s time for an update on YOU!

You are 22 weeks old (in utero). You are about 11 inches long (though I am betting you are longer). You have eyebrows (hopefully not like your dads, they are like cricket legs) and teeth. You are making my belly grow and stretch.

You might look like this:

You are a KICKER!  You move around a lot, mostly in the am and pm right before bedtime.

You give me heartburn. You give me gas. You keep me up at night and when I can’t sleep you hurt my back and press on my bladder. YOU MAKE ME PEE ALL OF THE TIME!

You have a name. We call you by it, but haven’t announced it to the world, only to our closest friends and family.

Your nursery is going to be your sanctuary. It’s dark and soothing and to be filled with books and prints and items that you love. You have a teddy bear, I will keep it forever. It’s from Chicago and we named it “Da Bear.” You have a Superman picture and a Sock Monkey hat and an argyle sweater. Your first book is called “I Love you Stinky Face.”

You can’t possibly know how much I am in love with you. I love having you inside of me so much, but can’t wait to hold your skinny little legs and kiss your puckery little lips.

Please be safe and healthy. Please keep kicking me so I know you are in there…it’s the best feeling in the world.



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