Well, we returned from a wonderful weekend in Chicago last night. Kirk’s cousin, Max, married his lovely bride Sarah and we were so happy to be there and to get to see so much of his family. Chicago is a wonderful city and we were so blessed to be able to get away for 5 days. Now, as I sit in our basement typing this, it is a blizzard outside in Denver. There is at least 6 inches of snow and it’s pretty great today since I have a cold that has knocked me to my knees.

Oh, and our luggage is lost….well, not “lost” really but somewhere out there NOT at our house. I am not all that concerned seeing as how I have the next two days off, but am really hoping they don’t lose every piece of maternity clothing that I own or they are going to owe me some SERIOUS $$$$.

Anyway, here we go with a quick Chicago Trip Recap

Friday morning we left. As we pulled out of the driveway, I saw Hannah Dog looking at us from the front window with this “Why are you leaving me? All I do is love you” Look and I LOST IT….What if the house burns down? What if the little Neighbor Boy watching her lets her run away? What if she thinks we are never coming back? I lost my shit and cried all the way to the top of the hill where I remembered I left my cell phone on the bed. We turned around and she was STILL sitting in the window…and I lost it again. HORMONES.

We get to Chicago and check into our lovely hotel and meet up with Rick (Kirk’s Twin) for some Giordano’s Pizza. HOLY PIZZA…this is a pregnant woman’s dream come true!  One piece was all it took (one piece was truthfully ALL I could manage) but I will never be the same. No pizza will ever live up to this.

That night we went to another AMAZING restaurant for a Rehearsal/Family Get Together dinner much like we had for our own wedding. Kirk was not in the wedding, but it was so nice for Max’s Dad (Uncle Hank) to invite all of the family to spend as much time together as possible and enjoy the food of Wishbone.

Kirk and Rick left the family early to go to Night #1 of Widespread Panic…I bailed. I had decided (for many reasons) I would rather just go to bed. I was fast asleep by 10pm…Kirk came stumbling in around 3am.

Saturday we cruised Michigan Avenue where I had a Shopping Spree for Reeve at H&M. I bought the cutest baby boy argyle cardigan, tshirts with elbow patches, paperboy hats. It was wonderful to be able to get excited about little boy clothing. I hadn’t until that moment. I almost cried.

That evening we went to Max & Sarah’s wedding which was just lovely. The ceremony was in an art studio and took place just as the sun set. We spent most of the evening in & out of the Crazy Photo booth and talking to Kirk’s mom. We didn’t even share one dance which made me sad, but it’s kind of hard for a 5-month prego to dance to Bel Biv Devoe and I was NOT feeling the Electric Slide. I don’t think they even played one slow song, but it’s cool b/c the crowd did NOT feel like slowing down and danced all night.

It felt good to get all dressed up. This is the necklace I wore in the “2nd look” on our wedding night.

Doesn’t he look like a door-to-door Mormon in his cute outfit?

He’s hot, but a bike helmet and a backpack would fulfill my Mormon fantasy….ha ha

Sunday Kirk was hungover again b/c after the wedding he went to see Jerry Joseph at the House of Blues with his brother and cousin-in-law. We went to the top of the John Hancock building and did an Architectural Boat Tour (brrrrrrr)….it was freezing and Kirk didn’t want to take a coat so he was really cold.

That night, we went with Kirk’s Uncle Hank, his partner Barbara and his mother to a Poetry Slam at the Green Mill. It’s an old “speakeasy” type bar that is famous for it’s Al Capone ties and was just so much fun. Hank got to be one of three judges and ended up being the hardest of the bunch. His scores were much lower than the young girl and young couple who couldn’t possiblyknow a whole lot about poetry. It was fun to see Hank getting haggled for actually knowing what he was talking about. One “poet” wrote some piece that, as he delivered, he crouched on the floor, in a cowboy hat and mumbled the words with his mouth as close to the mic as possible. I wouldn’t say his poem was that bad, we couldn’t even really understand it, but it was so funny b/c Hank’s reaction was, “I couldn’t get down with that cowboy on the ground. What was he doing down there anyway?”

Monday we shopped….again….and went to the Widespread Panic concert for Halloween. We didnt’ end up getting costumes, partially b/c we ran out of time but also b/c I was lazy and didn’t feel cute in anything. I am okay with that though b/c at hippy concerts, you can’t really tell if people are in costumes or just freaks.

I was so looking forward to a night of music and watching Kirk do his “bop” that he does, but after an hour of standing and shuffling from one foot to the other, my back was killing me, people were elbowing my sides as they squeezed by and I was HOT. I found a row of seats (standing room only) along the back wall where there was a little bit of air circulating and ended up reading a book on my iPhone for the next 2 hours. At one point, a woman asked me how far along I was and I found out she was 13 weeks. As I looked at the other 6 people seated beside me, all women, we got to talking and realized we were all there for the same reason….PREGNANT and sober and not having as much fun as we thought we would.

If I had to rate the trip, I would give it a 10. I love Chicago….the only other times I had been there was in college and I didn’t really get to see a lot of the city and small neighborhoods. I would move there in a heartbeat (if we could afford it).


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