One thing that is really hard for me about my job (only 2 more months…IF I can make it) is that I don’t get to go to church every week. Kirk is a “good boy” and goes about twice a month. Before I met Kirk, I certainly hadn’t stepped foot inside of a church for anything other than a wedding since I was about 10 years old. Shortly before we got engaged, we began talking about how we would raise a family and the importance of God in our lives.

Now, i am not extremely “religious.” I am instead spiritual with a firm belief that God does exist and has blessed my life in every way imaginable.  With that being said, when we started attending a church recommended to us by friends, it not only felt right, it felt like a missing piece of who I was.

Before Kirk, I don’t know that I was at a place in my life that I could’ve made sense of the beauty anf abundance around me. I wasn’t necessarily happy.

The first time we walked into Fellowship Church Denver I looked around and saw young people, young families, and people who were happy to be around each other.

I really, really miss going to church every Sunday.

I miss the message and I miss the joy and I miss the sense of community.

When we have our child, it is VERY important to me that he or she grows up going to Church and learning the stories and messages that I did.

What I love most about Fellowship Church Denver is that they are forgiving, they are accepting, they are open to anyone who loves God.

At night, each night, before I fall asleep I pray that our child is patient…they are accepting…they are loving and they are tolerant.

I hope that when I am able to resume a normal life after this job again, I can go back to church and practice the virtues I want my child to have….because now…as I sit here ALONE on a beautiful Saturday, I am angry and mad and upset.


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