I cannot stop crying today.

First off, i did not sleep so well last night. It literally feels like there is a football in my stomach. I can’t sleep on my belly (preferred choice) for obvious reasons, but even lying on my side and back hurts. The Round Ligaments are stretching so much in my sleep that each time i turn or twist just slightly, it wakes me right up.

And the dreams are just crazy.

Two nights ago was a work-related, anxiety dream. I dreamt it was raining really, really hard. We had our Weekly Friday Sales meeting at the top of a hill (in a Wendy’s of all places). I tried to ride my bike up the hill, but couldn’t get anywhere. I took my heels off (yeah, as if i wear heels much these days) and kept slipping. A co-worker pulled me up and we made it up the hill together even though we fell in puddle after puddle along the way. We FINALLY made it to our meeting, but not before getting yelled at for being late.

DO YOU THINK THAT TELL YOU MUCH about how much I am hating my job these days? I have 85 days and 71 business days until I get to give my notice.

****note, here it is almost 90 days later and I still haven’t quit. Partly, b/c I want to see if I win this big award and partly b/c I don’t like to quit things, but I am still miserable at work.


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