Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. I am 13.5 weeks and have gained a total of FIVE pounds.  I felt good about that, seeing as how my diet mostly consists of queso, spicy chicken from Wendy’s, and chinese food. Where is it all going? It’s in there….i know it is….b/c I poop about once a week.

The doctor put the Doppler on my stomach and I asked him how come the heartbeat I heard with the monitor I rented sounded so s.l.o.w….

he said it was b/c the heartbeat I have been hearing is mine.

Guess that’s why he has the M.D. behind his name.

Either way, I was so happy to hear your ticker tocking away….just wishing Kirk could have been there. I love the look on his face when he hears you.

This is what you look like right now.

you are so cute…and you have fingerprints. I love the idea of this. Something physical that makes you just as unique as you are in spirit. There is no one else just like you!

I hope at our next appointment we can find out what sex you are.

Also, at the doctor they gave me a flu shot, which I have never had before.

Needless to say, I went to bed with the WORST headache and almost 24 hours later still am dying!  I can’t stop eating today. Nothing even really sounds good, but the idea of feeding my face sounds like it would make me feel better. I have literally laid on the couch ALL day and only got up just not to run to Target for soup, ice cream, mints and Cherry 7-UP (just like my mom used to give me when i was little and sick.)

I also happened to buy this and this from Missoni by Target’s new collection.

pretty sure this “shirt” is actually a dress, but on me, it’s the perfect professional length top.

and these shoes are to DIE for…they will go with everything from Jeans to work clothes, casual to work-ready..

had to order them from online though. This collection just came out today and it was all almost gone in every department it was in.

and check THIS out. This rocks my world.

SERIOUSLY?!?!  Is it really possible that I am creating this? That this is growing inside of me?


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