Things are sure changing fast around this body of mine.

Boobs aren’t any bigger and they are less sore, but my work pants are fitting MUCH tighter in the belly. It’s a VERY strange feeling b/c my pants usually hang off of me in the waist in order for them to be long enough.  I can feel my abdomen stretching, i swear it…sleeping on my belly is no longer comfortable any longer. Still very tired at night, but can stay up until 9pm instead of 8pm now. Kirk is bonding a little more with you.

He still feels silly talking to my belly, but will touch it randomly and say, “love you, baby” or pat it. I spent a better part of last night reassuring him he is going to be a great dady. I told him if you are a girl you will tell people you are going to grow up to marry him and that he will be your first Valentine. If you are a boy….well….he’ll teach you to pitch and, as he says, “how to be nice to girls.” Isn’t that sweet?

Yesterday I played this song on my iPhone for you….made me cry. It’s a sweet song. Makes me think of home/Kansas/and all of my sweet, sweet dreams for you.

Working today sucks. It’s starting to look and feel like Fall. Brittany and I are watching the documentary Babies today and I can’t wait to kiss on your sweet red baby lips and to blow raspberries on your fat belly and i hope you have a ton of hair when you are born.

I just love this little black baby. his skin is just beautiful and his gap-toothed smile makes me melt.

I have been thinking about music today. It’s so important to Kirk and I that you grow up loving the bands and music of the 70s that we love….Allman Brothers, Neil Young, Van Morrsion, Bob Dylan…i can’t wait to decorate your nursery and put my old record player in it. I want you to grow up telling your friends about this cool song about being tangled up in blue or hearts of gold….not Katy Perry or some pop crap like that.

I just want you to grow up happy and i want to love you no matter if you have weird hair, dress strange, love someone of the same sex, believe in a different God than me…i want you to be yourself and i want you to grow up to love and accept others for their differences. My goal for your life is for you to have every opportunity you can, but also to be TRUE.

I want you to speak the truth, even if you voice shakes.

I want you to fail and to try again.

i want you to laugh and hold others’ hands when they cry.

i want you to feel passion that you would die for.

i want you to never wish you were someone else.

i want you to not care what others think and to not make excuses.

i want you to be better than me at being who you are.

sweet baby, please be healthy and strong and love us as much as we love you.


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