I swear, time is moving at the speed of light. Wasn’t it just yesterday I found out I was pregnant….and now I am 10 weeks along?

Good thing I don’t eat kumquats (or even know what size one is) b/c that is how big you are today.You are in the most critical part of your development right now….your tissues and organs are growing….i think I will celebrate with some queso dip for lunch.

Oh, i forgot to mention that the doctor told me yesterday that as women, the final stage of our breast development occurs when we are pregnant…SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  I have waited 31 years for these things to be something larger than an A Cup and here i am, in my “final stages of development” and all they are now is SORE….i mean, accidentally bump them and I will KILL YOU. says this is what you look like “inside of me”…

While I am sure you anatomically look somewhat like this, let me confirm that you DEFINITELY seemed to be having a lot more fun in there than this blob. You were chillin’.  Swimming around, hands up, kickin’ it.

However, your head did look as large as the one in this picture. Which is good and bad…bad b/c we Grimes’ DO have huge heads (dad and brother have to custom order all head-wear) and good (or so i am told) b/c a big head means the shoulders will slide out more easily.  Pleasant, huh?

Okay, back to work….have to send some emails.


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