we saw you today, little one, at our 10 week appointment. You were waving your hands all over the place ~ raising the roof, if you will. I got all teary just thinking about you hanging out in there, swimming around and floating on your back waving your arms over your head trying to do a water dance routine….Kirk got a little teared up, but he tried not to. It was just so unreal to think that there is a person growing inside of me and although it’s only the size of a PRUNE, it’s still big enough to suck it’s thumb…

Kirk is just so funny at the doctor. Every time they tell me to undress and sit under the cloth, he looks away, turns bright red and gets so awkward. This time, he came and stood by my side as they did the sonogram so he couldn’t see what was going on under the cloth (which I ripped before the doctor even got in there and snooped around in their cabinets and found another one…which, of course, made Kirk very nervous!)

I have gained 4 pounds. They assured me this was GOOD, that most people on average gain 7 pounds so I felt like I was the Biggest Loser or like I had won some “I don’t want to get fat” competition. I really can feel and see my belly changing. It’s sooooo weird and stressful. I was at the pool yesterday and today both and everytime I looked down at my belly I feel like it is HUGE….but in reality most people would never even notice.

Not a lot to say today, Little One. My hormones must be crazy b/c I cry at the drop of a hat. I have always been a very empathetic person, but now I can cry for any reason. Like, right now it’s raining…isn’t that beautiful? Our soils and plants are feeling refreshed….cry.  People in Haiti are getting hearing aids….isn’t that beautiful?  A friend called me today to tell me she was thinking about me….isn’t that beautiful?  I mean anything makes me cry….I bought the dog a new dog bed and she curled right up on it and gave me the most thankful look….i cried….


I love you, little Thumb Sucker….just please don’t get into that nasty habit when you are on the outside b/c braces are expensive and daddy is already running numbers and creating Excel spreadsheets based on how much college will cost in 19 years.


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